Saturday, 31 January 2009

So, The kids have gone, and the house once again falls silent. What has astouded me is how easy I have got used to the going, how I value my time with them, buit how I am beginning to enjoy my own space. I am able to be myself again which is good.

The second thingto have struck me is how well HIM and I are getting on now - really just as before, It is obvious that the kids love him, which is awkward, but good - it means, I think, that we will all get along.

So, what else am I doing? well, I am starting to involve myself more in a couple of doggie charities, terrierrescue, and another one local to me - I think I need this, my stuff.
plus...well, that will wait for another time, once I have worked it out, I will explain it.

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