Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Friends or fiends

So, to the hard part. The part where I tell what happened on the day my world fell apart. In a nutshell its simple, My wife of 11 years left me and took the kids, for my best freind., with his ex in support. weird huh...
that 3 people I thought were good friends could do something like that. We were freinds, we went to concerts' show and movies together. Our kids played together, we even went on holiday together...does that define a freind?

Or is a friend someone who, despite not being able to speak to for four years, simply says talk to me. Someone who has only known for a few weeks, but will pick up the phone and says i'm here for you..
Jo says it best..
"you are my friend. Unless you do something like try & come between me and the things that I love I will be there for you."

Which side of that line do you fall on....

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