Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Vampires, La Beckinsale and

Well, today was a day all about getting back to myself - starting the job hunt, confirming arrangements for My Girls this week, and the weeks highlight - Going to see "Underworld 3" with an old friend. Kate beckinsale is yummy, and vampires are one of the most erotic concepts, so I am feeling good right now.
My relationship with him is improving - it is getting back to nearly what is was before, which can only be a positive thing. - I am trying not to allow myself to get a chip on my shoulder about it all - that will not help the situation, instead I am trying to be calm and relexed about it now, Things are starting to get on an even keel with my seeing the girls, and I have no reason to be mad - what happened happened. I am happier for it having happened - tonight proved that.
Also, I will be back at the Long man this sunday - and will be able to stay for a few jars afterwards without worrying about the time, and actually be more of a part of the Goredd...
I am beginning to see the sense behind Wu Wei’ one of the main principles of Taoism. That of non-action or going with the flow - it is helping my headspace here LOTS. I have to that a good freind of mine for getting me to understand that.


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