Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Epiphany time

So, It all Finally hit me yesterday, and I suddenly felt like another weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Stuff I have found out, my actions etc, all have slotted into place, and I now feel better about it.
To Start with, despite former angry rumblings last week, I couldn't think of a better bloke to be looking after my kids, that him, (after me of course). I am not worried about that aspect all all.
Secomdly, His ex saw what was developing between them and gave her blessing, it was about the same time as I started feeling unconcortable about it all, and slowly withdrew fron it all, I think when I Started to do that, I started to mourn our reletionship endind - I did the watching TV drinking till late on my own, and began to seek out stuff to do without her, and began to think well , if she wants me, she knowa where I am...
It was the manner of the departure and the rumbling aftereffects that do still hurt, But I am sure that that will improve.
That is why, I think that I feel the way I do about people and places now - If have spent the past few months "getting over" the relationship, I am over the shock, and now I am ready to move forwards...maybe alone, hopefully with someone else, lets just wait and see.

(Is that another ace)

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