Monday, 26 January 2009

Four o clock in the morning, and still we cannot sleep...*

Right, morning campers. another insomniac post, two things I need to vent.
1) Had a geat weekend with the Girls, have arranged next saturday - suits me as I have a Druid thang on Sunday - I need to get back to that.
Preliminary discussions with him, have produced a once a fortnight proposal - I am not happy with that - As a Father, that is not on. once I have posted, I will come back with a counter sugestion, one much more free flowing. which I hope will suit all of us, and our lives.

2) now the me thing. (I know you are reading this. I am just venting here, please don't worry, It will not affect what we discussed last night. I am cool with that - I read your blog, I know I was that curve ball.)
It was a mad couple of days, and what I thought was comming out of it has lifted me for the past couple of weeks. I fully accept what has been said, but once agin, I am feeling a little bit like no-one is actually asking what Ronnie wants. Freinds are one of my big 3 - Family and Honour being the other two -, and I am happy to come out of all of this the way I have done, but forgive me If I can't help wondering what if... as I said, I am letting off, so I can go back to sleep.

Right I have said my piece, I need to focus again, (and maybe sleep for what is left of the night.)
(*New Model army, no rest for the wicked)

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