Thursday, 29 January 2009

Aces High

Right, At the mo, it all seems to be going Ronnie's way. having my girls again for a few days, they come today, you are still talking to me (and we can do it without any awkwarsness) and another someone seems to be onn the horizen maybe. I am just taking stuff as it comes, and will enjoy seeing what happens.....I know I will be brought down with a bump in a few weeks - this is one hell of a roller coaster, but I am enjoying life.

Right, I dragged this outrevised it, mapped out a breif idea of where I wanted to go with it, I need to do some resserch but I think It could work. It was written after watching the turpin based "Most Haunted" years ago...

“…And you will be taken from this place, to a place of execution, and Hung by the neck until you are dead”
Turpin lay in his cell, hearing the words spoken by the judge echoing round in his head. The finality of them. He of course had an idea of the outcome of the trial – when people he thought he could rely on failed to give him a character reference, he knew that the chances of a good outcome were slim.
He sat back on the bed and took in his surroundings – the dim light showing the shabby stone gaol, where so many before were brought to face their fate. “Still,” he thought “I’ll give them an ‘angin to remember, eh” – he looked at his clothes, a new suit, paid for by what was left of his money, would ensure that the legend would continue. Dick Turpin would go down with a smile on his face, he would die in the manner of the legend he was becoming, a Dandy highwayman, a lover and a rogue, rather the filthy common criminal he was.

any ideas?

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