Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Nature of the Beast*

So, back to the Blog. And a thought, that has stayed my hand for the past couple of months. THis is supposed to be my thoughts, my coping with it all, and yet If I write about stuff on here, and people read it, and get upset, or even worse, use it against me, how do I react when I I am talking about stuff on here that maybe should remain private. Well, I have wrastled with this problem for days now, and come to this conclusion, Nothing I say on here is nothing I am afraid to say to there faces, so If I post ity on here, you know about it already. If you don't like it, don't read it.....

So, whats been happening in Ronnieland of late. Well, the girls fiorst. I am kinda settling down into the routine of seeing them as and how I do. I miss them terribly, and worry about them, I am still not happy with their livingarrangements, BUT I can't do anything about it for now, so I ave to sit tight, and try not to let it worry me, it is not going to consuke me anymore, I have my life to lead, and I ned to stride towards it, not dwell on what I am missing - Wu Wei - go with the flow.

So, What has been happening? well, job going well, and I am enjoying it , which is good. And so onto to the personal life....lets just say that someone new has entered my life in a big way, and I haven't stopped grinning all week. Lets see eh.

(* Sorry smudge mate, appropiate title)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Things are Moving

OK, So, got my draft Divorce papers through today, things are beginning to happen, and that is giving me a good feeling right now. I am happier that I have been for years, if the truth be told. (apart from the situation with my girls of course)

The one thing I have gained out of all of this is good freinds. To all of you, I say thanks. My only problem is the majotity of them are scatterred far and wide, soo meeting up "in the flesh" is hard. That will have to change when I am down to 5 day weeks. I will have to spend some time just VISITING people.thanks to the wonders of tinternet, I able able to spend my evenings in fantastic company, but sometimes you need to actually see people in the flesh.

Still, I now while away the most of my evenings on Poker on F/b. All for fun of course, and a new bunch of peeps that I am glad to have freinds. John, Bry, chelle, Carla, kelly jim and Karen, great bunch all. Ta to Vix for introducing me. Again, all scattered, but hey, its a fun way to spend the evening.

well, other stuff going well, all in all know what...I'm happy!!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

an update

Sorry peeps, I have not been as often posting on here of late. Truth is, I have nothing much to say. Work is going OK, a lot to absorb, quickly, and now the real test begins, turning in results. I am confident there.
I miss the girls terribly, one afternoon a fortninght is not enough time to spend with them, But again, I have to bite down hard on all of that, and play their game, at l;east until common sense can prevail again. I hate the three of them for what they have done to me, and I will grab with both hands the chance to watch hthe hoisted by their own petard. Time will out, and the truth will come out, and then, well, I look forward to that moment,.
Apart from that, life is ticking nicly. Spend far too much time on facebook, and on Poker in the evenings, no money, don't panic, butt it is a fun way to relax, and chat to new and existing freinds.
Because that really is what it is all about, freinds. People who laugh, cry and support each other, and I am lucky to have such good ones.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Well, I'm sitting here enjoying a rare treat - have treated myself to kebab and chips, because I feel I desrve it. It's bben a hard week - so much to learn, take in and do in the new job leaves me all but fried by the time I get home. Plus myy day off is spent working because I have to, unpaid, so I don't get much time off.
My life is still governed partly by the lies from the liers mouth, unless I get proof of what she says I doubt it all. It's safer that way and I would rather deal with it that way from the outset, than pretend it's truthe truth, untill it kicks me up the arse later.
I am slowly starting to sort the dosh related stuff out, easier now I have a job, so less worries on my mind.

So what else has been happening??? Well lets just say the grin on my face has got larger this week, because, well, lets just sayy that things are right again, that I am not afraid to walk down that road with someone, because hell, the journey as just as good as the detination, esp when it is with a foxy lady like her. AS for down the line, who knows, lets just enjoy the moment.

(done it again, WAY to much Kebab. never mind. Jake loves kebab esp with chilli sauce, so he has enjoyed it too.)

Started to draw aces again.