Friday, 1 May 2009

Well, I'm sitting here enjoying a rare treat - have treated myself to kebab and chips, because I feel I desrve it. It's bben a hard week - so much to learn, take in and do in the new job leaves me all but fried by the time I get home. Plus myy day off is spent working because I have to, unpaid, so I don't get much time off.
My life is still governed partly by the lies from the liers mouth, unless I get proof of what she says I doubt it all. It's safer that way and I would rather deal with it that way from the outset, than pretend it's truthe truth, untill it kicks me up the arse later.
I am slowly starting to sort the dosh related stuff out, easier now I have a job, so less worries on my mind.

So what else has been happening??? Well lets just say the grin on my face has got larger this week, because, well, lets just sayy that things are right again, that I am not afraid to walk down that road with someone, because hell, the journey as just as good as the detination, esp when it is with a foxy lady like her. AS for down the line, who knows, lets just enjoy the moment.

(done it again, WAY to much Kebab. never mind. Jake loves kebab esp with chilli sauce, so he has enjoyed it too.)

Started to draw aces again.

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