Wednesday, 22 July 2009

At last, it's here

Well, at last it has arrived. Over the next few days, myself along with scores of other crime novel enthusiasts will descned on the Yorkshire town of Harrogate. It will be a chance to meet up with freinds, old and new., listen to an author or two, maybe pick up some tips for my own feeble attempts to actually write a novel, and have a beer of many. I am looking forward to this, as it is a holiday for ME, doing my thing, getting back into a social groove that I badly need. Mind you, with the beaurocratic cock ups, wasps and other hitches, its a wonder that I made it all,but I did.

Other good things are going on in my life right now, watch this space.....

Saturday, 18 July 2009

That was the week that was.

phew. What a week. Started kicking of after WWW's usual nasties, athough this time she she attacked through my mother, which is unforgivable. I was upset for a couple of days, and took it all to heart too much. I just do not get WHY she is doing this. I mean, SHE left me, so is she trying to justify it all in someway by paintging me as the evil one in all of this? ME who worked my ass off over the years for her and the kids. ME who put up with her strange freindship with the other to asswipes, because I was her husband, and they were her freinds. ME who did more with the kids in a moth than she bothered to do in 10 years. Now I am seen as the villian. Well, she can just KISS MY ASS on that one. I will not give in on this, and will not be dictated to by her. Will fight back, and weill keep on fighting back until the world sees her her for the miserable lyning evil good for nothing lazy cow that she really is. GRRRRRRR

Ahem, on a happier note, HArrogate beckons, and I am so looking forward to that now. 5 days on crime novels, authors and damn good mates is just what I need.

Oh yes, and some good things happening on other fronts too....will keep ya posted.

Monday, 13 July 2009


Well, Having a mixed time at the moment. Really enjoyed spending yesterdays with my Girls - weldests birthday over the weekened, and made sure, with a little help from my parents and my cuz, that it was a good day. Back up to wonderfull daddy status again. But boy, the comedown is tough. I missed what we had planned for her birthday because of the situatiion, and I really miss having them around. did not have a good nights sleep, and was in a real down mood all day.
Work is beginning to worry me - so much so that I am beginning to job hunt again.I NEED to get out of sales.
The other thing that is bothering me is that I still feel stuck in limbo - just waiting to get the nod to sell the house, and, although I love it, and the location and everything, I need to be shot of the memories now - I have moved on in so much, but can't quite feell happy about the emptyness of this place - It used to be filled with so much fun and laughter over the years, and as much as I am trying, it is beginning to haunt me.

Lets have a postive - one of my best mates came down last weekend, and had a really great time - I can't beleive that this was the first time we actually met "in the flesh" - we talk both on the phone and on t'internet so much, and I am glad that we both went away not dissapointed. Harrogate is looming, and I am really exited about it now - Will be seeing some really good mates, and (hopefully) forging some new freindship on the way.

Right, just need to sort my head out, and will be back to my usual sunny self.