Sunday, 17 May 2009

Things are Moving

OK, So, got my draft Divorce papers through today, things are beginning to happen, and that is giving me a good feeling right now. I am happier that I have been for years, if the truth be told. (apart from the situation with my girls of course)

The one thing I have gained out of all of this is good freinds. To all of you, I say thanks. My only problem is the majotity of them are scatterred far and wide, soo meeting up "in the flesh" is hard. That will have to change when I am down to 5 day weeks. I will have to spend some time just VISITING people.thanks to the wonders of tinternet, I able able to spend my evenings in fantastic company, but sometimes you need to actually see people in the flesh.

Still, I now while away the most of my evenings on Poker on F/b. All for fun of course, and a new bunch of peeps that I am glad to have freinds. John, Bry, chelle, Carla, kelly jim and Karen, great bunch all. Ta to Vix for introducing me. Again, all scattered, but hey, its a fun way to spend the evening.

well, other stuff going well, all in all know what...I'm happy!!

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