Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Nature of the Beast*

So, back to the Blog. And a thought, that has stayed my hand for the past couple of months. THis is supposed to be my thoughts, my coping with it all, and yet If I write about stuff on here, and people read it, and get upset, or even worse, use it against me, how do I react when I I am talking about stuff on here that maybe should remain private. Well, I have wrastled with this problem for days now, and come to this conclusion, Nothing I say on here is nothing I am afraid to say to there faces, so If I post ity on here, you know about it already. If you don't like it, don't read it.....

So, whats been happening in Ronnieland of late. Well, the girls fiorst. I am kinda settling down into the routine of seeing them as and how I do. I miss them terribly, and worry about them, I am still not happy with their livingarrangements, BUT I can't do anything about it for now, so I ave to sit tight, and try not to let it worry me, it is not going to consuke me anymore, I have my life to lead, and I ned to stride towards it, not dwell on what I am missing - Wu Wei - go with the flow.

So, What has been happening? well, job going well, and I am enjoying it , which is good. And so onto to the personal life....lets just say that someone new has entered my life in a big way, and I haven't stopped grinning all week. Lets see eh.

(* Sorry smudge mate, appropiate title)

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