Thursday, 18 June 2009

Ok, so what, Life can get in the way if it wants to.

OK, a lot to catch up on, I have been very remiss about posting on here of late, mainly because life has a habit of sneaking up on me, catching me unawares, and leaving me precious little time for this.

So, went to court , got more time with the girls, which is great, but still supervised, which is less so. It is putting a strain on an already strained relationship with my parents, I mean, I am grateful to them for doing this, but with them it always comes with a condition or many attached - I find myself, at 37, having to justify why I am who I am, why I have not curled up in a darkened room every night, why I have a social life, and that is beginning to piss me off big time. But still, It's only once a fortnight, and that is bearable I suppose.

What came with the court was her statement, which is as big a work of fiction as any contender for the Booker prize. In order to defend myself, I have to resort to dragging her through the mud, again, I have to justify everything, It seams that since the events of the 2nd jan, she can use that as a reason for everything. I am disgusted as well, by what I have been hearing about what i going on, or perceived to be going on, by the community about those three, and the fact that my kids are exposed to it is worrying me greatly. I am hoping that when all the reports are done and dusted, the truth Will come out, and things can get better.

Work is, well, work, although new opportunities may be presenting themselves, which would be good.

As to the female situation, well, I don't know what is going on, but I am going to have fun finding out.

Three big events coming up, firstly, the midsummer solstice celebrations at the long man on Sunday. I missed the Beltane - kids visit day, but I am looking forward to going back. Then, beginning of July, I finally get to meet in person the woman who I count as my best mnate - Even though we have shared tears, laughter, (and that confusion months ago) - that we talk/text/msn daily, and are very close, we have never actually met. I am looking forward to it. And finally, 5 weeks time, I will be in Harrogate, at the Theakstons old peculiar crime festival. I can't wait. So many new and old faces to see, and so many writers up there, It is going to be the highlight of the year so far for me.

Well, I will try and not leave it so long until I post again, so, take care, enjoy yourselves and above all, find one thing oin your day to make you smile.

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