Sunday, 10 May 2009

an update

Sorry peeps, I have not been as often posting on here of late. Truth is, I have nothing much to say. Work is going OK, a lot to absorb, quickly, and now the real test begins, turning in results. I am confident there.
I miss the girls terribly, one afternoon a fortninght is not enough time to spend with them, But again, I have to bite down hard on all of that, and play their game, at l;east until common sense can prevail again. I hate the three of them for what they have done to me, and I will grab with both hands the chance to watch hthe hoisted by their own petard. Time will out, and the truth will come out, and then, well, I look forward to that moment,.
Apart from that, life is ticking nicly. Spend far too much time on facebook, and on Poker in the evenings, no money, don't panic, butt it is a fun way to relax, and chat to new and existing freinds.
Because that really is what it is all about, freinds. People who laugh, cry and support each other, and I am lucky to have such good ones.

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