Thursday, 15 January 2009

What are you doing to me?

OK, So, a sea change in her today. She has kicked out the mediation idea, and gone down a solicitors to get a preventative steps order to stop me taking the Children. Thats great, I now have gone and secured a solicitor, and need to work through My response.

I do not want to use the kids as a football in all of this, and want to, hope to, have an amicable relationship with with The ex and the new man, (see, no longer Bitch and scumbag) in order to maintain closer links with My babies.

I have be reassured about the motives for this, I don't think I understand, but I am trying to. I just want to move forward, and next week will mark the watershed in terms of that. I have stuff going on mon, tues, weds and thurs, hopefully by friday it will all be clear, and I, we can begin to move forward.

I bear no ill will, or any malice, I hope that you feel the same.

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