Sunday, 18 January 2009

hopes and fears.

OK, two things - the bad stuff and the good stuff.

First the bad stuff. Next week is looming, and I am dreading it. It is a really scarey week, with stuff going on that frightens me. Tuesday, I meet with the Solicitor to discuss the preventative steps order, and my reaction to it. Wednesday will be a nightnare, I can't put the detail on here just yet, but the people who know know.Thursday as well will be tough. All in all, I will be glad when that is all over.
Hopefully the weekend will see me having the kids for the first time since this all started. Please, don't mention the A word, it is horrible.
Monday, well, monday should be good, in whatever way.

Right, now the forward bit....I have booked the Site I shall be staying on in JUly when I attend the Crime festival in Harrogate. the countdown begins...

I may see you there...

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