Sunday, 11 January 2009

THis Viral Meme thingie thats doing the rounds.

OK, there is a Meme thingie going round the Web, where you list 16 previously unknowm things about youself, then tag 16 people to do the, here goes...

1) My Goatee is part of my identity - I have had it all my adult life, and I don't feel me without it.

2)I am much happier walking the fells, hills, mountains and morlands of the UK, than sitting by the pool in a "fuurn part..." I just don't see the point.

3) As a child, I wanted to be a Chef

4) Deep down, I am a romantic - I can cry at a sad film,

5) My Children ARE my life.

6) My Ambition is to walk the whole coastline of the UK - following in the footsteps of Richard and Shally hunt.

7) I hate theme parks, Butlins and cheesy pop music.

8) As a teenager I wanted to be an archaelogist

9) I have a really bad car history.

10)I gave up smoking 4 years ago.

11) I am discovering Facebook's addictive side
and enjoying it.

12) I was once friendly in a casual aquaintance way with Tom Baker...

13)...and was Jeff beck's milkman.

14) Honesty is the thing that I value most in a person.

15) I am a Huge fan of the Rocky horror show

16) My religion is really important to me

OK, Had to drag those out a bit, but I think that is the list.I am supposed to now tag 16 people to do the same, oif you go, think of yours then...

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