Monday, 2 March 2009

Poo's thoughtful spot

went down to the ashdown forest with the dog this afternoon, and had a nice walk, and gathered a lot of thoughts. There are still issues that I have, regarding the children and how often I see them - I really enjoyed having them for a longer period of time, I think it is less hassle for them, to have one block here, and one block there. I need to talk to G about that, but now is not the time - she is in the middle of two night shifts...I think it will work bettter anyway. dimplomacy, that is what the tarot said today, calm diplomacy.

The freindship between g and I is slowly comming back - I am jelous of the relationship that h has with them all - I want that, with G - not to be there all the time that is just weird, but that strong reindship, where the kids really benefit, that is what I am jealous of, but I know that due to the issues, that will take longer.

(I want to go to bournmouth now!!!)

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