Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sleeples night again

3 am and I am awake. Why? well, today is the scary day, and afterwards, I will have one less worry habging over me.

But More still on the other issue. I woke up with it on my mind, so I must be dreaming about it. I need to be on an equal footing with G wihen it comes to the children.I am their father for Chrissake. I have an equal say in what they do in how they are brought up and everything. I am not trying to deny G her right in that, so why is she doing the same to me. The best and fairest way for the whole situation to be resolved is the 50/50 custody - it is my right as a father as much as it is G's right as a mother. The fact that she even has to think about it is hurtful enough, like I am begging for scraps at her table hjaving to be content with those scraps that I am given, and that is not the right way for things to be.
I thought we were freinds still. I want to be freinds still. saturday night proved that we can be that. Why then can't this be dealt with freindly - when I thought that this was the way we are going? why did my suggestion provoke such a reaction within you. You are not soley responsible for OUR children. D doesn't enter into this now, the girls are yours and mine - and at the moment, What I periceeve as your godsdamn selfishness is tearing me apart You have the nerve to talk to me about trust....i am trying to trust you - to trust you that you are wanting to be freindly in sorting stuff out. you pushed me to talk before I was ready, before we both were ready to discuss this and knocking back they way you appear to be does nothing to ease that. How do I know that you won't backtrack on the arragements we have made...because I trust that you wont. I tyrust you. I am not trying to take the girls away, just be on an equal fotting.Why can't you try and see it my way for once - I have had to see your way enough.

Right, vent over, maybe I can sleep again

( This is My vent space, and and am entitled to say what I want on here It is home to my innermost fears and hopes - It vent so I can face the situations calmly )

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