Tuesday, 3 March 2009

too fast????

ok, so, I broached the subject today, or rather G read this and asked me. So I told her. I expected her to be ok, to say it was a workable thing, but I was wrong.she needs time to think about it, which is fair enough, I am trying not to over reacted, I nearly did again,. but I pulled mysel;f back from it.
I have wounds too - I have issues about trust - I need the kids to be on a sounder footing - the 50/50m thing - so I feel secure - I have said before that I don't know how to do the acess thing.She talks about trust -I know because of my temper, things went bad, and I accept that. BUT i need to trust her as well - esp where the relationship with the kids goes. I hope she can understand that. - I want to be freinds , freinds trust each other and don't let each other down.

On a better note, I have someone special in my life right now, It's complicated, but she makes me sooo happy and well, watch this space blog fans

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