Monday, 23 March 2009

Calm Down

I have just read a "self help Book" regarding anger called Calm down by Dr paul Hauk. It is very insightful, and I would recomend it to anyone with similar problems.

What it has taught me is that the problems that |I have at the mo, and in the past, do not make my ANGRY, only FRUSTRATED. Anger is the way I deal with those frustrations. Once you can see that, then when these issues occur, you can effectivly deal with the way you feel about them, and look at other ways of controling the situation.
I have tries it out yesterday, on the way to the Druid Gathering at the Long man (thaks all, was a wonderful day as usual). A big flash point with me is oither drivers. They're were a number of times when things happened that frustrated me - a slow driver, or someone turning without signalling, that kind of thing, and whereas before, I would automatically turn angry, yesterday I paused, said to myself " This is frustratiung me, but angery will only make be more frustrated" and took a deep breath, It worked, and I had a much more enjoyable journey as a result. ...Now to apply to the other matter....that will be tougher.

On another note, because of the shit we are both dealing with, me and.... are trying to cool things down a bit to let our headspaces be clearer. It is a mutuall thing, but not because either of us have stopped the way we feel, just that the situations in both are lives are too complicated to put any more pressure on them. It is the right thing to do...I think. I don't know what will happen in the long term with it all, but right now, it is a desision made by the head, and certaintly not the heart. But still, we will see what happens.

(at the moment, I have lost all my aces....)

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