Saturday, 28 February 2009

heres to the future

Well, wnet out last night, had fun, drunk lots, sat in the naughty corner and had a ciggie or two, and bloody enjoyed myself - it was nice to be relaxed again.

So, what am I thinking right now? do I feel alone? Well, NO, I don't. I know I have freinds that I can meet up with, new freinds. and the same old ones always there, so I don't feel alone - in fact, I feel less alone now than I did BEFORE the split.

So, what makes me feel strange....limbo. I am in a complete state of Limbo. I ned weds to be over, and the job situation to be resolved, so I can start to plan for myself and my future more. she is settled, and in a postion where she can move on and up, and I feel like the poor relation a bit - In the house still because it is all "in dispute"

Also, My relationship growing deeper everytime we talk. and we do talk now - over the phone, not just online anymore - one more step forward.I can't make many concrete descisions about where I am going, without wondering id .... is going to be a part of that.whole new doors are opening there for both of us, and I do think that she is someone very special. we will have to see what is going to happen, But my thoughts are already looking to that possiblity.

whats, wheres and whys dominate at the moment, and I need no more curve balls to distract me from what I want.

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