Wednesday, 11 February 2009

bad news, good news

Well, after today, My mood has darkened a bit. Things that were supposed to me sorted out today, so we all could move on have not been, thanks to the attitude of the officials who could be arsed to work because of the snow last week. I am there fore waiting for another 3 weeks, before I can talk to G, and that situation is forced on us, and is intolerable. I need to speak to her face to face, so we can see that we are still freinds - a twenty year freindship isn't something I wish to end over this, and I don't think it will.
On the positive side, my two favorite people both got in touch with me to see how it went today, and I am thankful that such people exist in my life. I am enjoy the freindship of J for what is is, and looking forward to see what lies on the road ahead with v, it will be a fun journey I think.

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