Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tuesday, bloody Tuesday

Bloody hell, what happened yesterday. Everybody having a go at everybody else - Me and G, me and D, D,G and H, and me and V. Firstly the Me and them row - this was over what others had said - trying to dria a wedge between me and G - using the kids to do it. That pissed G off, and then when Dave daved, and Ronnie Ronnied, it all overspilled. but all patched up, and all freinds again. ( I sooo loved seeing all the kids again. it was special. and glad H and I have patched things up.)
Now to me and V. that was a row, but over, I think, the fact that she was off that a lot of my freinds are women. well, I'm sorry, Jo, Alison and G are my three best freinds, and nothin is gonna come in they way - its part of the whole package thing, I'm afraid. If you can't accept that, or can't accept that I can spend a few hours in the company of someone, and resist advances, the yah boo sucks to you. I am nnot gonna change. My freinds, as I have said earlier, are important to me, and If you take me on, you take them, by druidry, Alfies, as well.
I think, after a nights reflection, that it is for the best.
right, got to move my front room around to acommadate the new toy...

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