Monday, 9 February 2009

Settling down

Right Kids have gone back today, house has returned to quiet again. Thinga are settling down into a nice routine.
So, I am now wondering what it all means, I am a complete internet junkie - Can't go without my fix of the social network sites and forums, does this make me sad and pathetic, unable to deal with the real world? Well, three of the people I am closest to at the moment, (apart from one phone when this all started) I have never physically met!! conversations are all online, or text, and yet I am proud to call them my closest and dearest freinds. Through thhe t'internet, I have got involved with - a very real organisation, offering assistance to those who have lost their beloved pet. Also, I have made the desiscion about harrogate in no small part thanks to t'internet.
Is that real of fake world? this is the 21st century, and this is another facet of life.
It is no subsitute,however for the physical closeness of being with someone, of touching them, of feeling their breath on you cheek, but for now, it is the best I have got...and that is ok by me.

As to the perspective thing, That has been sorted too, I think. The right people are in the right places in my life, and the moment is there to be enjoyed.

(still need a shag though)

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