Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bugger Me, I'm Back

Yup, I'm back here again, wow, a six month lay off!

Well, I had to, bit of this were being used after the wrong people found it, but now all is back on a great keel. I have good access to the kids again, and good relationship with the ex again, the evil ones (in-laws and H) are kept at arms length, I've finally sold the millstone and now am concentrating on two main things
1) Application and going back to uni.
2) Getting my novel, 50,000 words with a beginning, middle and end into a coherent story.
2) is what is my driving passion right now. It has turned from a nana entry into something that , from the responses I have got from my caged reader..NO tame readers, sorry, I don't keep them in cages, they are free range, this is something it is worth pursuing.
And that is the point of the post, I am off work through choice, have some capital enough to concentrate on those two things, and need to do this right now. JUST SOME nameless people can't see that. I am criticised for believing in myself with the Novel, told that I should be concentrating on "proper work" not lazing about, but hell, I'm thirty bloody eight, and YOU haven't even asked to read it,

OK, card wise, slipped all the aces out I think. and, for once, it is me holding the winning hand. Life, show me what you got, I'm calling 'em baby,

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