Friday, 21 August 2009

15 Movies in 15 minuites.

This is shamelessly nicked, from a facebook thingy, and a mates blog. think of 15 films that have stayed with you, and why. It's harder than you think, but short.

1) One of our dinosaurs is missing. First film I remember seeing in the cinema. Cranbrook regal If I remember right.

2) Star wars. Nothing else before had quite this impact. Masterpeice.

3) Empire Strikes Back. Same reason.

4) Return of the jedi. (Look, this is not that lazy, ok...)

5) The Killing fields. - the most powerful film I have ever seen. Amazing.

6) Wild at heart. John Lynch, and Nic Cage, whgen he was good and talented. Great film.

7) Resovoir Dogs. - Quentin Tarrentino, and Nowhere near as violent as the media made out.

8) Lord of the Rings, the fellowship of the ring. Unbeleivabley good adaptation.

9) LOTR the two towers. See above.

10) LOTR The retuirn of the king. Yup, samr eason as 8 and 9.

11) Blues brothers. Dan ackroyd and john belushi at their funniest.

12) Rocky Horror Picture show. - needs no ezplanation.

13) Last tango in paris. Marlon brando in a very sleezy role.

14) The devils. Ken russell, Oliver read, and naked women...what else is their.

15) Beowulf and grendel. the danish version, not the more well known one. Just a much better film.

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