Monday, 10 August 2009

Article in guardian online.

Read this article this morning: and feel I need to share it on here. WHY? Because it is probably the most inaccurate piece of gobshite this side of the daily mail. Do we Facebookers, etc have freinds as people we don't actually know? Look at your list, |I am sure that as with me, the vast majotity are people that you have met, either old faces from school, work etc, far flug family members or new freinds.those that I haven't met are freinds of freinds that share the same interests. It never replaces "real" contact, just enhances it when we are enable to be in their company. It really rplaces letter writing, - the contact, the sharing of the how are you, what have you beeen up to, is more immediate, and can happen more often, As a result, freindhips over distance are maintained and deepen. and it's cheeper than the phone

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