Wednesday, 5 August 2009

catch up.

Well, here I am once more, it's been 1two weeks since my last confession....

Harrogate was fantastic. The lack of funds did not spoil it for me, and was a great experience, and one I will do again next year.
I have started to write my novel...It is taking shape, and the plot is evolving as I have more ideas. I think It is good idea, and will see if I can carry it throgh, 6,000 words in, and 90 odd thousand to go...tall order , but lets see what happens.
What else is good....Well, May well have a new woman in my life, lets just say that it is going well with her at the mo, and that is suiting me well. Sooo is all well in Ronnie land, or is their clouds forming?
Sadly, yes their is. Work looking shakier by the minute, and The kids situation , well, I await sept 18th with baited breath, hopefully, will go in my favour, but we will see. Also, Money is tight, and I still have the limbo feel that I have felt ofr months. I need to sell the house, I need to just get out of here, but I can't, because SHE won't give me permission. grrr.
Sod It, let's end on happy thoughts, I am going to try and fill this a bit more with other stuff, so you have been warned......

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