Sunday, 21 February 2010

WOW, What a Change!!!

Well, Just back from the aged P's, and for once, I have been left alone! no cutting remarks about how I am wasting myself by not doing what they would do, just simple letting me get on with My research for Staymaker, while the kids played, brill. HE even picked up my draft and read some of it, and OFFERED TO PROOF READ when I have done. I am really happy, and now am gonna move this thing forward without the negative voices, same goes for all my other plans.
So, yes, I did make progress, in that I have solved two big anachronisms, and know where to move some of this.

Got Kids with me till tomorrow night, and extra day is great, and shows how much the ex and myself have moved on after all the crap last year. look, I think I have dealt myself two of a kind today.

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