Friday, 26 March 2010

It's not easy being green....

So sung Kermit. and no, it's not easy reinventing yourself either. changing your entire life to fit a new role, breaking with your previous self and emerging as a new person, putty aside pettyness, finding the balance between swallowing things down, and letting out enough in the right way so you don't choke.

What has prompted this? I opened my mouth and tweeted something before thinking, upsetting three people as a result. two of them, well, yes, I understand why and regret what I wrote because it put bridges two steps back, but the third person was totally unexpected, and that is giving me a lot of pause for thought. Why, because that person is someone I actually give a damn about how I am seen through their eyes, yes, warts and all, but even so, If tweeting what I tweeted shows me to be a nasty person, which I am not, then I really need to think about how I am comming across. brain does really need to be engaged.

Other things too, I need to curb a lot of myself, because it can cause offence give out the wrong vibes, a few bad things I may have picked up along the way, I think I just need to relax more, live in the moment, and stop being paranoid, or people will be turned away, and I don't want that.

So, more lessons to be learned, and this time, I have dealt myself a few dud cards.... wake up Ronnie!

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