Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I know I haven't posted anything for a while - a naff internet connection over the weekend and life getting in the way saw to that sadly.
So, Sunday, saw my girls and seeing them again on Thursday. That is good - at least I am seeing them again, albeit not in a way that I am entirely confortable with, but I have to put up with that and play by theiir rules....for now. Once the silly shit is over, and the lies seen for what they are, things can start to change.
I also have had to make big descisions, which doesn't sit comfortably with me, but I have had to do it. Start processes that will mean more upheaval for me but It will all be to the good in the end...I hope.
Job interviews are still comming, which is good - I need to concentrate on those and hopefully will be back in employment soon, and then I can start to again with a fresh hand, and begin to pull myself out of what I am in now.
For now, My goals at the start stilll remain - I want to live for myself a bit, and have the best relationship I can with my girls that is what is important.
Three days internetless made me realize just HOW much it is important - jobsearch, and keeping in contact with those people who are so significant in my life, despite the shit, and the aggro, I can't lose those connections, those people who are there for me.right, job interview in a bit, so I have to gop, but will try and write on here a bit more - I have no anger about the things she is doing, just frustration, and a burning desire to se her caught out by her own lies - It will happen, she can't pull it of forever.

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